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What to Expect in Your Free Initial Consultation
Community Tax Team has "teamed" up with one of the nation’s fastest growing 100% attorney staffed tax defense and resolution companies in the US. If you owe back taxes, haven’t filed in a number of years, receiving threatening notices from the IRS or State Taxing Agencies, Community Tax Team can help you. These are just a few of the problems we can help you fix, taking advantage of a FREE consultation will allow us to understand your specific situation in greater detail and make a recommendation on how to fix it.

We can help you find the best solution to fix this once and for all,
Common Tax Debt Resolution options;
As an Affiliate of Community Tax Relief, LLC, we have partnered up with one of the nation's fastest growing 100% Tax Attorney staffed full service tax defense companies. We recognize your need for help when facing the IRS or State Taxing Authority and Community Tax...
Solution Overview
Tax Investigation & Analysis
Any tax situation is different and unique. Before we tell you how we plan on satisfying your tax liability, CTR has to first understand how it got started. CTR’s Attorneys will perform and in-depth inspection of your tax situation and finances before we tell you how they can resolve it. Makes sense? Does a car mechanic tell you how much it’s going to cost you to fix your car without looking under the hood? No! Don’t let other tax defense companies tell you how they can fix your problem without first understanding what’s wrong.
Fix your IRS Problems
Since most everybody’s tax situation is different, CTR’s Tax Attorneys will prepare a custom Resolution Plan based off of the Tax Inspection and Analysis to show you 1) How the tax debt got started 2) How this Resolution Plan will satisfy your outstanding tax liability 3) How sticking to the plan will bring you back into good standing with the IRS and 4) Help you avoid running into any future problems again.
Custom Tailored Resolution Plan
CTR’s Attorneys will prepare the proposal and negotiate the terms of the Resolution Plan based on the Tax Inspection & Analysis results to be accepted by the IRS or state. This team of seasoned Tax Attorneys has the experience, tax law knowledge and a thorough understanding of State and IRS guidelines and codes to obtain the Resolution on your behalf. Community Tax Relief’s Attorneys will handle and take over all communications between you and the IRS or State once you have signed a Power of Attorney
Alistair Mc.
just got done using your tax relief services. You were very helpful walking me through everything and solving my problem with the IRS. I appreciate the work and the back. Thank you and I appreciate it.;
Tax Liability – $35000.00
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